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Technical tour

Technical tour to the Koyambedu Industrial Water Reclamation Plant

One of the technical visits will be to the Chennai/Koyambedu Water Reclamation Plant, a 40,000 m3/day (RO permeate) multiple barrier facility, which supplies highly purified reclaimed water to different industrial clients such as the automotive industry.

The plant is considered to be part of the critical infrastructure, as it helps to both save freshwater sources and secure the industrial water supply. It has been operated successfully by the Chennai- based WABAG company since the end of last year and even during the current Covid-19 crisis (since March), the supply of high-quality water to industry has been maintained without interruption.  

Chennai/Koyambedu Water Reclamation Plant - Capacity: 40,000 m3/d highly purified reclaimed water for industrial purposes.

The process consists of pre-treatment with chlorine dioxide dosing (pre-disinfection and pre-oxidation in the equalization tank) and dual media rapid gravity filtration, polishing by basket strainers (50 µm), ultrafiltration, cartridge filtration (5 µm), reverse osmosis and ozone (O3) disinfection of the RO permeate. The major design parameters/standards are the TDS and silica concentrations, which amount to 1,500 mg/L and 40 mg/L respectively in the source water (secondary effluent from the Koyambedu Sewage Treatment Plant), and 70 mg/L and 5 mg/L respectively in the RO permeate (reclaimed product water).